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FAQ´s about product information

What does Drink Eraser mean?

Helping to reduce the visible effects of drinking more so than drinking just water, soft drinks or smoothies.

Is it true that Mano De Santo removes traces of drinking from your body?

This has not been verified. What has been verified is the feeling of wellbeing in your body after taking Mano de Santo

If you take Mano de Santo after drinking, do you feel as if you never had a drink?

The negative effects of drinking (on your liver, blood pressure, etc.) will affect the body, but after taking Mano de Santo the related symptoms will feel as if they almost entirely dissipated.

Is it only recommended when having a drink?

Mano de Santo is good for the digestion, so it can also be taken after eating food excessively and acts like an effervescent antacid.

What does Mano de Santo contain?

Mano de Santo is a food & beverage supplement and contains stevia, grape ingredient derivatives, mineral salts, and enriched with vitamins B1, B6, B12 and C.

What makes Mano de Santo different?

Mano de Santo is prepared with a variety of vitamins to lessen fatigue and balance the energy metabolism. What’s more, combined with fructose and citric acid, vitamins like vitamin C speed up the decomposition of food and drink in the stomach so they can be expelled more quickly and naturally.

Is Mano de Santo a medicine?

No. Mano de Santo is a food & beverage supplement that functions as an aid to digestion, and is available at large retailers.

Is it approved by the health authorities?

Yes. Mano de Santo is a product that has passed all the tests established by the Spanish Ministry of Health for products before they can be put on sale.

What do I need to take Mano de Santo?

The packet, a large glass (like a large cider glass), water and a spoon.

When should I take Mano de Santo to be sure it is effective?

Mano de Santo is effective 15 minutes after drinking too much or overeating. You should not drink more alcohol after taking Mano de Santo.

Is there anyone who should not take it?

Mano de Santo is not recommended for children or pregnant women. You should also not take it if you have an ulcer, abdominal pain, or kidney or liver problems.

Does it have any side-effects?

No side effects have been observed.

Can people with allergies take it?

No reactions have been documented, except in the case of people who have an allergy to an ingredient included in Mano de Santo (see composition on packet).

As a food supplement, can Mano de Santo replace any meal?

No. Mano de Santo should not be used as a replacement for a balanced diet.